We are an affiliate network with over 3500 publishers, we have lots of active affiliates with trusted traffic running our offers, our traffic source are Banner/Display, email, contextual, SEO, PPC, CPV, search, classified ads, and Social media but we work strictly with the advertisers choice of traffic source and we make sure we monitor our affiliate in other to ensure they maintain good leads.

If you have a specific product or service you would like to promote through the Bloomclicks Affiliate Network, we have the solutions in place at a price you can afford. We always seek new business models and improve existing ones. Pricing models are constantly evolving and changing to adapt to the needs of advertisers and publishers. Currently, Bloomclicks uses the following pricing models.

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Find Your Brand’s Superfans Wherever They Are

Our ability to deliver outstanding success, with quality conversions while working with the advertisers’ choice of traffic source without compromising the standard makes us a preferred destination for businesses around the world.

We offer tailor-made solutions for your marketing goals, access a global network of marketing channels to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action you deem essential to evolving your brand.


Drive Performance & Unprecedented ROI

Launch integrated campaigns that reach across channels, places and devices to deliver extraordinary results. We are ever determined, delivering only the best available traffic to support our clients marketing objectives by serving ads in highly viewable, fraud-free, and brand safe environments, across banner/display, email, contextual, media-buying video, and mobile.

Capture and engage your customers at every stage of the purchase funnel with advanced advertising solutions.

Get strategic, cross-channel insights via multi-channel campaigns on CPA, CPL, CPS and CPC.

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Advantage of using Bloomclicks Affiliate Network

Real-time Efficient Reporting

Bloomclicks provides real-time traffic tracking information with efficient reporting experience. We report all lead, Install, sales or transactions by visitors referred to your website that results in a sale of a product or service. We tracks everything from impressions, clicks, leads, conversions (web & mobile tracking), cross-platform and fraud tracking in real-time reporting

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Tokens, whitelists, blacklists, antifraud — no malicious traffic will go unnoticed from our in-house fraud detection feature. A High-Security tool with the ability to identify and differentiate fraudulent traffic sources and fake conversions/leads from all of the reporting data and alerts the user to take required actions against it.

Global Reach

Make genuine connections with your customers wherever they arethrough our affiliates. Allow targeting to over 130 countries worldwide; byaccurately find the right users through our multi-layered targeting settings,from targeting geographies to specific devices and operating systems. Your campaigns are optimized more effectively with Bloomclicks Affiliate Network.



Accomplishment in affiliate marketing industry requires diligent work and consistent regard for attention to optimize your promotional options, and that’s what Bloomclicks is here for.

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